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Kerrville is positioned as a destination for strategic economic growth and a must-visit destination for companies, investors, and entrepreneurs who are seeking a location for expansion and seeing their businesses thrive. What keeps Kerr County growing is the constant influx of new residents, the vast majority of which are people moving to the county from other parts of the US.

As Kerr County’s population has climbed, the number of people commuting into Kerrville has increased, with inbound workers coming from as far away as San Antonio. Local reliance on labor from San Antonio is an opportunity to recruit talent to the region. Characteristics of Kerr County and Kerrville (collectively referred to as Kerr) that make the area attractive to residents and businesses include a high quality of place; deep community relationships; strong anchor institutions, including a hospital and university; excellent K-12 and higher education institutions.

Kerrville, a city of 25,000, is a stone’s throw away from the burgeoning growth of the Austin-San Antonio economic corridor, also referred to as the ‘The Next Great American Metropolis’ by Forbes Magazine. The metropolis the magazine is referring to is the 73-mile stretch between San Antonio and Austin, a region of 4.5 million, where Kerrville and the Hill Country are the bookends to this corridor.

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