A Destination for Strategic Economic Growth

Allow us to introduce to you Kerrville, a city of 25,000, which is a stone’s throw away from the burgeoning growth of the Austin-San Antonio economic corridor, also referred to as the ‘The Next Great American Metropolis’ by Forbes Magazine. The metropolis the magazine is referring to is the 73-mile stretch between San Antonio and Austin, a region of 4.5 million, where Kerrville and the Hill Country is the bookend to this corridor. Kerrville is positioned as a destination for strategic economic growth and a must-visit destination for companies, investors, and entrepreneurs who are seeking a location for expansion and seeing their businesses thrive.

Aviation & Aerospace

Kerrville is a growing center for the aerospace industry and recreational aviation.

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Quality of Life

Come and enjoy the natural scenic Hill Country beauty that surrounds Kerrville.

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Workforce Training

Kerrville has Schreiner University and Alamo Colleges, where employers can draw from for their workforce needs.

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The County’s population and number of people commuting into Kerrville have increased, with workers coming as far away as San Antonio.

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The Kerrville Airport is located at Louis Schreiner Field is a mere 10 miles from downtown.

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Texas Advantage

Low taxes, reasonable regulations, and investment in a quality workforce.

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Texas Ranked #1 Best State for Business
for the 18th Consecutive Time

Perennial CEO favorite Texas topped Chief Executive’s Best State for Business list in 2022 for the 18th consecutive time. “This important milestone is a testament to Texas’s strong and enduring reputation among the nation’s business leaders,” said Robert Allen, president, and CEO of the Texas Economic Development Corporation after the rankings were announced on April 26.

“CEOs of businesses that have relocated to or expanded their operations in Texas frequently tell us how much they appreciate Texas’s business-friendly climate.” CEOs say low taxes, the low cost of doing business, talented pools of workers, and a superior quality of life are among the reasons behind their rankings, according to the Chief Executive survey.

At the bottom of the list were #46 Washington, #47; New Jersey, #48; Illinois, #49; New York and California, #50 — all unchanged in their rankings from previous years. CEOs say high taxes, high regulation, and high costs of living continue to dent the opinions of states at this end of the scale. These states offer fewer opportunities to recruit talent compared to many of their neighbors and the potential for natural disasters increases risk there.

“Another thing that distinguishes Texas from other states is the warm welcome we give CEOs who are looking for a better place to do business,” Allen said. “Our economic development community is proactive in providing these CEOs with the support they need, and CEOs often tell us how important that support has been in making the decision to come here.” Nearly 700 CEOs, with representation from every state, participated in this year’s survey, conducted in January 2022.